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Abacus is an indica strain with very relaxing and calming qualities. However, it does not put you to sleep. The feeling is of a very chilled-out and confident moment in which your mind, body, and soul all seem to align in a most peaceful state.

Colorado Fresh CBD cannot recommend this strain enough if you have problems with anxiety or difficulties calming down after a long and stressful day. With Abacus in the house, you know your evening will be alright.

Flavor Profile

The Abacus strain is unique in its flavor profile. It has complex and subtle flavor variations of earthy, piney, and lemony notes that almost turn into a diesel flavor. It smokes very smoothly without leaving you with a cough. This is a 1-gram preroll.

Less than .3% THC.

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Inhale the good. Exhale the bad.

Colorado Fresh CBD’s founder started the company to provide 100% natural Medical Grade CBD to people all over the world. He personally meets with and hand develops each product, working hand and hand with cutting-edge bioscientists to ensure only the finest most medically advanced products available worldwide.

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