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CBN (cannabinol) is the cannabinoid that people choose when they want something to take at bedtime due to its incredibly soothing effects that can leave you in a blissful state that’s ready for sleep. Metta Hemp’s CBN:CBD Nitetime Hemp Disposable Vape Pen: Full Spectrum supplies these effects in the fastest and most potent form possible.

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CBN + Full Spectrum Hemp

Within each vape pen, you’ll find a dazzling blend of CBD, hemp-derived terpenes, and 100mg CBN (cannabinoid known for its bedtime effects). These compounds work together harmoniously to leave you physically and mentally at ease as you lay your head down. Helps you wake up feeling refreshed with no ‘sleep hangover.’

Full-Spectrum: Contains 0.3% ∆9 THC or less.

Zero Additives or Fillers

Metta Hemp vape oil formula contains only 100% pure hemp. That means NO: Fillers, MCT, PEG, PG, VG, or Vitamin E Acetate to get in the way of you enjoying your favorite cannabinoids and terpenes.

Fast-Acting and Potent

Vapes offer the most bioavailable form of hemp possible so that you can feel the effects at work within just minutes while feeling them the most potently as well. It’s the perfect choice if you want some cannabinol that kicks in within no time.


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