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Finally, you can vape your way to CBG bliss. Metta Hemp’s CBG Disposable Vape Pen combines CBG isolate with full spectrum hemp extract, including CBC and CBD, to bring you the best of both worlds–cannabigerol and cannabidiol–all while delivering delicious, property-rich terpenes in the form of user-friendly vape cartridge. Continuing Metta Hemp’s disposable vape line of minor cannabinoids, CBG is also a great addition to any at-home arsenal of hemp products.

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Full Spectrum Hemp + CBG

This CBG Disposable Vape Pen contains every naturally occurring compound found in the hemp plant, plus CBG isolate for an added kick. CBG offers its properties to the body in a profoundly bioavailable way, letting you in on the compound’s uplifting properties to the mind and soothing properties to the body.

100% Pure Hemp – No Fillers

The vape oil within Metta Hemp’s CBG Vape Pen offers a 100% pure hemp formula, so you won’t be inhaling any fillers, additives, flavoring agents, preservatives, or cutting agents into your body.

Fast-Acting and Strong CBG Goodness

Vaping the compounds of the hemp plant offers the highest bioavailability out of any delivery method, which means that you can look forward to effects that are felt within minutes, along with a higher potency level than other product types, to really get your money’s worth out of each puff.

COA: Sour Tangie Sative

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Sour Tangie Sativa


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