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Allow your feelings of love to bloom upon the world! Delicately smooth, sweet, and spicy, this 100% hemp CBD essential oil roller is crafted with your heart in mind. Sweet, lightly spicy, and earthy, this roller has a delightfully intriguing aroma that’s sure to excite.

  • Est. 100MG+ CBD Per Bottle
  • Organic & Locally Sourced Ingredients
  • Crafted with Jojoba & Almond Oil

The Brothers Apothecary exclusively uses hemp that contains <0.3% THC and is licensed with the Department of Agriculture. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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What are the benefits of Pain Away?

The Brothers Apothecary Pain Away CBD Essential Oil Roller is crafted with herbs and essential oils to target occasional aches and pains. Copaiba, Marjoram, Sweet Basil, Frankincense, and Arnica have been used for thousands of years in body management, both individually and in synergistic blends.* Powerfully healing in a topical formula, these oils also have therapeutic effects for mind, easing the regular stress of the day-to-day.

Copaiba Balsam Oil comes from a Copaiba Tree. Native to South and Central America, there are over 70 species that have been identified. It is cultivated from the resin of the tree bark. It is commonly used in cosmetics, lotions, and perfumes.

Marjoram is a sweet pine and citrus-flavored perennial herb. Its warm aroma can inspire relaxation and a sense of warming.

Frankincense comes from the resin of the  Boswellia tree. Commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Egyptian Medicine, and Persian Medicine. It also has a long history of being used as incense and was burned in religious ceremonies.

Arnica Oil comes from a perennial in the sunflower family. The name comes from the Greek word arni for “lamb” because of its soft, hairy leaves. It’s an orange-yellow flower that grows in the mountains of Europe and Siberia. It sometimes goes by the name of “mountain daisy”.   It is commonly used in homeopathic medicine.

When should I use Pain Away?

Pain Away is specially crafted to help soothe occasional aches, pains, and soreness. Use Pain Away whenever you are feeling sore or have pain in your body. It’s a great way to relax any pained muscle that might be bothering you.

Directions: Keep out of reach of children and pets. For external use only. Avoid contact with mucus membranes and eyes. If any essential oils have contacted your eye, wash out with a vegetable oil such as olive oil, not water.

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